Saturday, July 11, 2015

Here is a new Tip for Ride that will give us the riding aids to accomplish the maneuvers we practiced in Stop Sign Pattern work-in-hand. Now on board follow the same movements (i.e. Shoulder-in; Travers = Haunches-in; Reverse bend; and Renvers = Haunches-out) using the Stop Sign Pattern as a geometric guide. Hope you enjoy! Break it down into small parts and reward the slightest try.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Tip for the Ride ~ Stop Sign Exercises Work in Hand

It's been quite a while since I have published a Tip for the Ride video, and I have been missing this opportunity to share. This video utilizes a geometric pattern I have been using quite a bit because it helps give us humans a clear picture and provides opportunities at each small corner to seek balance in both the horse and the human. This Stop Sign pattern works great!

Take a look at how we are taking the Work in Hand postures and maneuvers we learned in previous videos, and now take on a little bit different pattern by placing the PVC pipe in a Stop Sign pattern.

Give me a call if you have questions. (541-519-7234) There are lots of great opportunities to come ride in Haines, Oregon. Check it out on the website:


Saturday, November 22, 2014

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I am certainly drawn to reflect on all the wonderful friends, horses, and environments for which I am so grateful. I am truly blessed and hope that each of you know just how fortunate I feel to have you in my life.

Horse Study Sophomores Marilyn & Patti
I am trying to get caught-up on my Tip for the Ride videos, but we are still having some trouble with the video equipment. My producer/videotographer/editor in chief...Susan, is working on it, and hopefully you will start seeing new installments in December.

Certainly we are looking to the new year already, and invite you to take a look at the offerings by clicking HERE for the current newsletter. We are very excited to offer one final opportunity to join the four-year commitment to truly study the horse, and ultimately to develop a true bridle horse in lightness. In 2014 we started 'Horse Study' with 11 brave women participating.
The results of dedicating ourselves to studying the bio-mechanics of how the horse moves, combined with observing 'balance', helped everyone go deeper in their relationship with the horse.

We have openings for only six (6) more people to join this journey to graduate in 2019. Check it out and call us to chat about how we can accommodate you into this experience of a lifetime. It will change your life!

Horse Study is not for everyone, so we will certainly still have a full line-up of riding opportunities, from private lesson series in Emmett, Idaho to the always popular cows and mountains clinics. Here is the tentative schedule. If you don't see something made just for us, and let's talk about how you can host a clinic in your area.

So for now...Let's close with ...
We have so much for which to be thankful.

Alice and Susan

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tip for the Ride - Riding in the Halter One-Rein

It has been a crazy spring, but all good! Time for a new Tip for the Ride video, and this one is a great reminder of the benefits to focus, timing, balance, and multitasking that riding in the horseman's halter with 12 ft. lead brings to both horse and rider. For many of us we might ride with one-rein in the halter only when we are starting a horse, but I find the confidence and balance that comes with this exercise is beneficial at any stage of development. Give it a watch and then go play with how little you can do to accomplish so much with your horse. No pulling allowed!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Preparing for a Great Ride - Suppling Positions

Every great ride starts with key ingredients in both human and horse. As I progress in my horsemanship journey, I am increasingly drawn to the importance of understanding balance and relaxations. I am finding that if I set it up that the reward in all my requests involves seeking balance with my horse and in a relaxed manner and attitude, then the possibilities of achieving a willing relationship are much greater.

This Tip for the Ride video shows how to offer the horse three yoga-type positions that flex and supple first in the poll area, then down through the neck, and finally into the rib cage. These are requested with forward movement, allowing for a more dynamic stretch. Following these suppling positions as you depart on the first part of your ride will relax your horse, let you find any areas that might be needing a little muscle message, and set it up for the horse to look for relaxation and balance as a reward.  Give it a try for your next few rides, and watch how much more supple your horse becomes, and how he seeks the comfort of a relaxed, willing body and attitude.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tip for the Ride Video ~ Preparing for a Great Ride

Here is the first Tip for the Ride of 2014...Preparing for a Great Ride

 Alice shows a series of exercises to supple the human while in the saddle. Starting with the arms, shoulders, core area stretches and moving to lower body parts of hips, ankles, knees, and legs.

These are effective exercises to use all year around, but especially in the winter months, as you can accomplish them on the ground too. Remember to add a little walking backwards to your ground routine, as it stretches that psoas muscle, so important to riding. (i.e. The psoas (sew-as) major is a long muscle located on the side of the lumbar region and connecting into the pelvis.) 

We ask our horse to flex and become supple...Now it is our turn!

Happy New Year everyone.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

T&T Winter Newsletter 2014

We are happy to share our Winter 2014 Newsletter and reflections of this past year as well. 2013 is certainly a time that I am very glad to see pass, as it was filled with great sadness, coupled with terrific joy. The joy part will move us forward into this new year. The memories will remain in our hearts.

To all of our friends, family, and clients...Thank you for all you gave to us this past year. Let us go forward with the 2014 theme of...

Living with a Resilient Spirit!

 Alice & Susan