Saturday, December 7, 2013

Applying Lariat Ground Skills from the Saddle

In a recent Tip for the Ride, Alice Trindle demonstrated the use of the lariat in developing ground skills for the human to aid in the sensitizing of a young horse or re-start project. In this months video, Alice works with the human to apply these skills from the saddle. With the help of Lynn (the human) and Cougar (the young horse) you will see how the feel, timing, and balance learned by Cougar from the ground with the lariat, are easily applied by Lynn from the saddle. By being vigilant about our posture, balance, and use of aids in the saddle, applied with focus, timing, clarity and consistency, the horse-human team easily develops that willing, effortless communication we are all seeking.  Lariat Ground Work Part II - Applied From the Saddle

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