Monday, March 17, 2014

Preparing for a Great Ride - Suppling Positions

Every great ride starts with key ingredients in both human and horse. As I progress in my horsemanship journey, I am increasingly drawn to the importance of understanding balance and relaxations. I am finding that if I set it up that the reward in all my requests involves seeking balance with my horse and in a relaxed manner and attitude, then the possibilities of achieving a willing relationship are much greater.

This Tip for the Ride video shows how to offer the horse three yoga-type positions that flex and supple first in the poll area, then down through the neck, and finally into the rib cage. These are requested with forward movement, allowing for a more dynamic stretch. Following these suppling positions as you depart on the first part of your ride will relax your horse, let you find any areas that might be needing a little muscle message, and set it up for the horse to look for relaxation and balance as a reward.  Give it a try for your next few rides, and watch how much more supple your horse becomes, and how he seeks the comfort of a relaxed, willing body and attitude.

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Jonna said...

This is a great reminder Alice..With a horse like my little Morgan mare who is energetic and always too forward, I adopted a series of exercises like this to get her and I working together. It gets us both on the same frame of mind and seems to give her a place to relax into. Great post.. !thanks